What are them?

Superheroes of the cellular world, they are young and strong soldiers that operate in the damaged areas of our body: when the injured tissues are located, these cells change and replicate themselves in order to become those tissues. In this way, they reach the complete reparation and regeneration.

In other words, stem cells are cells that can assume form and fuction of any specialised cellular tissue. In the case of adipose-derived mesenchymal cells, they preferably turn into cartilage, bone, connective tissues, skin.

In addition to a self-transformation in order to repair damaged tissues, mesenchymal cells are endowed with a paracrine effect, t.i. they produce chemical messengers that modify the physiology of the cells that surround them. In this way, they become stronger to degradation.

Finally, not to be underestimated, mesenchymal cells have an anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic action, therefore they are able to extinguish acute and chronic inflammatory states.